Advanced Manufacturing

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  • Synengco

    Synengco Pty Ltd (Synengco) is a specialist engineering firm and the proud developer of the award winning SentientSystem® software. Synengco has been servicing industries around the world since 1996. Our software is currently used to manage more than $8 billion of assets worldwide.

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  • Taggle Systems

    Taggle Systems has developed a low cost capability to locate objects to within +/-15m and transmit a small amount of telemetry data (eg. meter readings, temperature, tamper detection).

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  • The Active Reactor Company

    The Active Reactorâ„¢ is a revolutionary device for the efficient control and operation of high intensity discharge lamps. The device uses micro-electronics to control the starting and running of 150 watt to 2000 watt high pressure sodium and metal halide lamps commonly used in streetlighting, floodlighting and industrial lighting.

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  • Thompson Couplings

    TC created the world's first and only, practical, constant velocity universal joint to have no load bearing sliding surfaces.

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  • Trailer Vision

    Towing trailers is significantly safer since Trailer Vision developed the Electrical Tell Tale Safety System. With this new technology installed, brake and tail lights, turn indicators and electric brake systems are easily monitored whilst the vehicle is moving via an innovative LED display mounted in the driver's side corner window.

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