Green Buildings

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  • Acoustica

    Acoustica manufactures a range of noise barrier products, including a new range based on biodegradable visco elastic technology. It has many applications, including residential and commercial construction and marine – even sound protection from roads.

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  • Air Change

    Air Change heat and energy recovery systems improve indoor air quality, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and HVAC operating costs.

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  • Albatech

    Evcco has developed a halogen-free, flame retardant replacement material that eliminates the hazards of PVC when exposed to flame and produces less smoke. This makes its conduits ideal for use in areas of high human traffic such as cinemas and airports, and especially in underground situations.

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  • BluGlass

    Innovative green technology company BluGlass Limited is commercialising an exciting breakthrough in the semiconductor industry.

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  • Building IQ

    Getting a better understanding of the energy profile of modern buildings can go a long way towards reducing their energy consumption. BuildingIQ takes that analysis and applies it directly to the climate control systems in the building to produce an optimal result that lowers energy consumption and greenhouse emissions.

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