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E-Nose Mk3: Real Time Continuous Air Pollution Monitor
E-Noses provide continuous information in real time about the quality of indoor or outdoor air. They offer vital measurement of simple and complex chemicals in the air, for management and risk reduction, wherever air can be chemically contaminated from any source, including factories, agricultural production, waste treatment, site remediation, mining, and petrochemical operations. They also find application in security settings, as demonstrated by the new graffit-e-nose (TM) which picks up ink and paint fumes from graffiti vandalism and sends silent alarms to mobile phones. E-Noses are also being used in animal and human health research, to develop rapid non-invasive diagnostics for a range of important disorders.
Most airborne chemicals that are of concern are complex mixtures of many compounds. The E-Nose detects and identifies these as an "image", just like the human or dog nose does, and attributes it to the source of the smell, e.g. "the sewage treatment plant", "the chicken sheds", etc., and it does this almost instantaneously, and continuously, on site, so that response can be rapid and appropriate and results don't take hours or days to come back from a lab. In the case of the graffit-e-nose, the response can be made while the vandal is busy damaging the property: this is a "first" for anti-graffiti technology.
Applications for this technology include Environmental (air pollution monitors); security (graffiti-catchers) and health (non-invasive diagnostics).
E-Nose have significant involvement with the meat processing industry (abattoirs and rendering plants), water and solid waste treatment and are growing markets in several sectors.
E-Nose are currently selling to Japan, South Africa, Taiwan, Chile and hope to expand into UK, Europe, Canada, China, India, New Zealand, Middle East, South East and North Asia in the future. There is a significant opportunity to penetrate all markets where air pollution compliance costs are on the increase.

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