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  • Adaptronic Electronics

    Adaptronic’s Engine Control Units (ECUs) provide the most flexible engine tuning solution available for auto mechanics and enthusiasts, providing control over all actuators within a vehicle to enhance its performance.

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  • Bishop Austrans

    This technology uses a unique, self-steering bogie carrying lightweight vehicles on elevated or underground tracks. The tracks incorporate high-speed switches which, together with other patented features, allow for a new high capacity urban transport system.

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  • Cape Marine Australia

    The Swing Mooring Pontoon is a unique mooring device that can accommodate two vessels. It is designed to swing in concert with the surrounding moored vessels on conventional swing moorings found commonly in most Australian waterways.

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  • Circuitlink International

    The Tacholink vehicle monitoring system provides a complete fleet management solution that reduces costs, maximises vehicle utilisation, minimises maintenance and improves safety.

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  • Commercial Diving Services

    Hull Surface Treatment (HST) developed by Commercial Diving Services is the result of six years research and development into the effects of hot water on infant sea growth. It employs ‘low flow’ hot sea water as its active ingredient, applied via a thermal applicator that moves along the underwater surface of the hull.

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