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Identity Management and XML Directory Services Solution

ViewDS Directory and Search technology (previously View500)

eB2Bcom is an 100% Australian-owned and based specialist in high speed search technology for structured databases. Our R&D centre is based in Kew Victoria and includes world leading experts in our field, led by Dr Steven Legg.

This technology is the basis for a large range of infrastructure and applications including Identity Management, Enterprise Directories, Military applications, Air Traffic Networks, eHealth, replicating networks, etc.

The technology is deployed in Australia, SE Asia, USA, UK, and continental Europe. eB2Bcom has staff in Melbourne, Singapore, Sydney, and Brisbane

ViewDS provides organisations with a fast, scalable and flexible directory system optimised to hold and search corporate identity information. It provides support for approximate matching on a search request, including phonetic matching and spelling correction, truncation matching, abbreviations, keyword matching, synonyms and combinations of these.

The database supports multiple simultaneous queries and online modifications, and allows searches to proceed without interruption even while extensive changes are made to stored data.

As it has been developed strictly adhering to open standards and it features support for the X.500,LDAP,XED and ACP133 Standards. Being standards compliant, ViewDS will interface with a variety of applications, both now and into the future.

ViewDS has been utilised across a number of industries such as government, defence, utilities and health.

ViewDS is available for Microsoft Windows 2000/2003/XP, Solaris v8/9/10 and RedHat Linux v9/ES3/ES4.

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