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Battlefield Sports

S*A*T*R* is an innovation in opto-electronics, for use to simulate direct-fire infantry engagements without the need for blank munitions, delivering the most authentic live gaming experience.

Battlefield Sports® have helped hundreds of thousands of gamers around the world prepare to ‘lock-n-load’ with their revolutionary live combat game, Battlefield LIVE®.

Battlefield Sports have taken computer games from a keyboard experience and morphed them into a live, interactive sport. “If you know Xbox or PlayStation, now with our innovative technology players can bring their games to life,” said co-founder, Mr Peter Lander.

The game of Battlefield LIVE uses patent-pending gaming guns to run mock missions in forest or urban environments. The gaming guns have authentic look, weight, size, sound, muzzle flash but no projectile. The gaming guns are 100 per cent portable, weatherproof, and can be used either indoors or outdoors. Gamers execute missions that challenge them to assault and hold a base, defuse bombs, patrol, escort VIPs or role-play other military / law enforcement scenarios.

Gaming guns shoot infrared “bullets” to simulate direct-fire. Infrared is also used in TV-remotes so the beam is invisible and harmless. The core of the system is sophisticated optoelectronics –emitting infrared through a lens and receiving an enhanced signal through special infrared sensors. Their first technological breakthrough enabled the game to be played in daylight and afforded them many awards, including the Australian Technology Showcase, Member of the Year 2007.

Their second breakthrough was meshing infrared and radio to create a digital game system which enables real-time hit feedback. They call this new technology S*A*T*R®, for small arms transmitter receiver.

Battlefield Sports’ equipment is used in stand-alone battlefields, as complementary offerings at paintball parks and summer camps, and as part of school adventure education. Our game is played in village fairs, festivals, on purpose-built battlefields, in forest, snowfields and warehouses. The game has been played everywhere, from the snowfields of Norway, and the woodlands outside New York, to the jungles of tropical Phuket in Thailand.

As an expanding exporter (we were honoured as the Exporter of the Year 2005 FNQ), gamers are played in 30 countries around the world.

Locally, Battlefield LIVE has five battlefields around South East Queensland, at Mt Cotton, Mt Crosby, Tamborine and Petrie, and a new indoor venue in Windsor. The group also works with local conference centres including the Peppers Grandchester to run executive team building exercises. They are also mobile so they can bring the entertainment to the customer, using their patent pending gaming inflatables to create an "instant" battlefield maze.

Uniquely designed around team focused objectives, the Battlefield LIVE gaming experience, appeals to wide market, from the digital generation through to corporations.  Indeed, Fortune 500 companies including McDonalds, Cisco Systems, Microsoft and Atari are just some groups who have utilized the experience for fun and exciting team building exercises.


Laser Skirmish Equipment


A world first, Scapequest Pty Ltd, doing business as “Battlefield Sports” has created a unique hybrid of paintball sports with breakthrough laser games technology. Our application of advanced optoelectronics (emitting infrared through a lens and receiving an enhanced signal through special infrared filters) has enabled infrared combat simulation in daylight.

Scapequest's manufacturing division was founded on the key belief that laser skirmish as an alternative to paintball has several unique selling features namely:

  • Extended weapons' range;
  • No bruises; and
  • A broader market appeal.

Because our units have no projectile and because of the versatility of the laser skirmish technology our equipment offers longer weapons' range, improved data transmission, reduces player cheating and promotes teamwork. Further, it has enabled clients to play the sport in a wide variety of venues, from ski fields to rainforest tropics, as part of school adventure education, and both stand-alone laser skirmish battlefields and as a complementary offering at paintball parks.

While our focus to date has been civilian games, however serious enquiries from the US Marine Corp, the US Navy, and others have led our research and development to focus on new military applications.

Battlefield Sports sells about 50% of its Laser Skirmish products internationally and has received several awards, the most significant being last year's Highly Commended, Emerging Exporter in Queensland Premier's Export Awards. Laser Skirmish has extensive market potential worldwide - particularly where paintball is restricted or illegal. As well as strong national sales, current export markets include USA, UK, Cyprus, Belgium, Austria, Canada and New Zealand. Strong interest also has been expressed from Sweden, Finland and Germany.


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