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Aleis International

Electronic (RFID) Identification Device & Recording Systems for the Livestock Industry

Aleis International systems started in 1998 as the inspiration of John and Dorothy Finlayson, and today, there is the second generation Finlayson’s in the senior team working in R&D breaking new ground in design and functions for livestock readers, manufacturing and sales. With over 40 years of invaluable hands on experience in the livestock industry, the Aleis team is well suited to know the industries needs. Aleis is known as a highly recognised and respected brand name for radio frequency identification (RFID) systems throughout the world, and is known to supply cost effective, reliable and innovative products.

The revolutionary new “Aleis Wide Lane Reader” offers the ability to read bulk animals up to four wide, moving at considerable speed down a wide lane in all weather conditions. Previous technology was limited to reading animals in single file only.

Now that the National Livestock Scheme is mandatory in all Australian states, companies are looking for ways where large numbers of livestock can be read in a short period of time to reduce the stress on the animals and to save time.

Aleis antennas were designed to read at speed, the systems are designed and built to be reliable, and the Aleis electronics are amongst the best in the world, with superior inbuilt software features to be able to perform most requirements for the livestock industry.

The scientific principals on which the low frequency technology is based is that one antenna can only read one animal at a time as it moves past it, so in this new product Aleis has incorporated multiples of antennas into one system. As well as the large numbers of antennas, Aleis has highly sophisticated software built into each of the readers to analyse all the electronic tags that are read (as each animal will be read several times), so only one number per animal is output from the system to a computer.

Since the start of the NLIS in Australia Aleis has supplied and installed over 98% of the reading equipment in Saleyards and Abattoirs, and is a major supplier of reading equipment to producers and feedlots.

Aleis supplied over 900 portable and race readers to Botswana for the Governments National Scheme, as well as readers for saleyards and abattoirs. Readers are sold to USA, Canada, Asia, Europe and South America.

Aleis International (100% Australian owned), is now a world leading developer, manufacturer and seller of RFID systems for the livestock industry. Aleis’ unprecedented revolutionary technologies make it possible to record and track a countries whole livestock herd from birth to slaughter and beyond. Aleis offers portable wands and full automation with their range of readers available to all sectors, producers, feedlots, contractors, saleyards live exports and abattoirs.

The Australian Technology showcase first awarded Aleis their prestigious membership for the Aleis race antenna’s superior qualities in 2002.

Other awards are:-

• Winner of the Premier of Queensland Smart Awards for “Outstanding Achievement in Agribusiness” in 2003

• Finalist of the Regional Export Awards in 2005

• Finalist of the Australian Technology Showcase Awards 2007

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