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Accsoft Computer Technology

BEE Web Platform

Creating a website will become much easier when designers take advantage of the novel technology developed by Accsoft Computer Technology. Their BEE Web Platform has the potential to become the industry standard for all website design.

BEE allows designers, writers and programmers to work independently of each other creating layout, content and applications. When these components are ready, the website is constructed to form the final concept. This assembly process can be achieved in just a couple of hours using a web browser.

As information changes, the website owner can modify or add to the content of the site without the need for additional software. Employees of large organisations can vary the content of their websites without consulting a web designer or buying expensive software. The easy-to-use processes built into BEE also let hosting providers offer “instant website” services to their clients by allowing them to select generic components online to form their websites automatically, instantly and seamlessly.

The simplicity of BEE is its strength. There is no other commercially-proven product that can compete with the elegance and price of BEE. It is an enabling technology that allows rapid development of websites using simplified online editing and management features.

These features are attracting potential partners who will help expand the market for BEE. Alliances with IT professionals, web designers and computer retailers will increase recognition of the brand. There are also many free websites running on the BEE Web Platform as a showcase for the “instant website” concept. This is an excellent foundation to further commercialise the BEE technology both locally and internationally.

Three key market segments have been identified for BEE technology: small business website owners, web developers and web hosting service providers. All will appreciate the ease of development and speed of construction offered by the BEE Web Platform.

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