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Eurofield Information Solutions

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Fast, accurate, powerful and cost-effective delivery of large electronic reference publications designed to be used electronically off-line is now possible!

Using a technology developed by Eurofield Information Solutions Pty Ltd, the EIS eComPress Electronic Publisher Toolkit takes output created on any word processor, XML, DITA etc. then compresses, encodes, and indexes it ready for distribution. The results are powerful electronic versions of publications as diverse as standards, operation and service manuals, statutory works, handbooks etc. All are easy-to-use, secure, permanently compressed, fully searchable, annotatable and compatible with all versions of MS Windows.

eComPress is ideal for the secure sale and online delivery of major reference publications. Engineers Australia, the Australian Parliament, Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB), the Organization of Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), World Health Organization (WHO) and numerous other Australian and international organisations have selected eComPress Publishing technology for their reference publications.

The eComPress Toolkit permanently compresses all the data at a bit level, saving valuable download delivery time and disk space. All the data is exhaustively indexed, and the search supports logical searching with any number of single or multiple character wild-cards, guaranteeing the user will find everything and anything in the publication very quickly. eComPress publications can be readily annotated by the user, where text, graphics, files, email and web addresses can be easily attached to any text in the publication using the eComPress Notes facility. Users can Collaborate in Context with annotations, and all annotations are searchable and automatically transcribed in context to new & revised content in updated publications.

The encoding (encryption) system ensures that the documents cannot be changed, and together with the 32bit CRC and RSA 128 bit Code Signing certificate guarantee the integrity of the data in any electronic form. This gives the publisher and user of the publication absolute confidence in the accuracy of the content in any electronic form. The easy-to-use, small secure viewer is included within each publication guaranteeing compatibility with the content, and making eComPress publications accessible by everyone, regardless of their PC hardware or skills.

The eComPress technology is a cost-effective method of distributing large reference publications electronically on CD-ROM or internet download. eComPress provides an ideal way to securely sell and deliver powerful electronic reference publications online, for use off-line.

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