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Lock-it Systems (Aust)

Raminator Anti-Ramming Security Device

Traditional installation techniques for automatic teller machines (ATM) are susceptible to being rammed with heavy objects such as automobiles, resulting in the ATM being knocked clean out of the ground. The Raminator from LockIt Systems Australia is a shock-absorbing plate that sits underneath the ATM and absorbs the energy of the collision, preventing the ATM from being dislodged and stolen.

The technology’s success is demonstrated by the fact that no ATM that has been fixed using a Raminator has even been stolen. Use of the Raminator in the metropolitan area of Sydney since March 2006 has contributed to 90 percent a actual reduction in ram-raid theft. There is now strong interest in the Raminator in foreign markets such as the US, where reports have shown that ram-raids on ATMs have increased by up to 50 percent this year.

The design of the Raminator is such that in the event of an impact, the force of the collision is directed down rather than sideways, meaning that the ATM remains in place rather than being knocked over.

While traditionally thieves have used four-wheel drive vehicles in ram-raids, LockIt Systems Australia is now developing Raminators that can prevent the removal of ATMs by heavier vehicles such as earth-moving equipment.

The company is also investigating new market opportunities to secure other infrastructure such as street furniture, planter boxes, perimeter fencing, and various forms of barricades. The company is also designing new products for ‘soft’ vehicle capture that will be able to bring a vehicle to a halt while protecting whatever is in its path.

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